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Making a difference: Slow Fashion

What we do is who we are, from the smallest of decisions to life changing choices. Everything we do is an extension of who we are consciously or unconsciously. You may not notice but you leave marks wherever you go and with whatever you do. Our expressions are all around us as an abstract form of  language, indicating your ideas, behaviors, way of living and how you impact the world around you. From  the process of manufacturing a car you drive. To the way you walk. What you wear. To the type of food you choose to eat. Everything we do leaves a mark whether pretty or destructive. 

 This is where the concept of slow fashion can change the whole perspective of modern  lifestyle.



Most of us go on everyday with countless thoughts and distractions from what's really important because of the on goings and influence of the fast moving modernized world. Never really leaving time to think things through.  

Starting with purchasing massively  produced easily accessible goods to the need to get a new fast car or to buy the newest latest fashion without really thinking if you really need it and what all it really cost, and it doesn't cost just your money.​

If you knew you could, would you choose to make a positive or negative impact? 

What is Slow Fashion?

It's not only limited to preventing physical damage to the environment. It's also about seeing the bigger picture, thinking before you buy, about respecting people and surroundings, slowing down negative consumption to promote positive consumption. Its about advancing your consciousness. 

 Slow fashion is essientially a fashion trend, a taste, or style. It's style's are typically modern and focus on comfort, while some showing artisan's influences.

By choosing slow fashion you are promoting positivity.

Slow fashion is a steady eco-friendly movement focused on incorporating eco-friendly methods to produce quality garments. It tries to produce massively, but safely to compete with fast fashion. While supporting local made eco-friendly materials and handicrafts from all over the world. Benefiting from promoting alternatives leather to sustainable weaving techniques or designs, slow fashion is an expression of positive change. 

Promoting Positivity

Why waste your earnings on big companies profiting few individuals and  supplying their destructive lifestyle? When you can promote purpose, sense of worth and help people with less opportunities?

Why buy cold storage clothing made with minimal wage using method destructive to the environment? When you can buy hand-woven garments made with passion and care to people and their surroundings?

Why eat machine processed food when you can eat from a genuine, hasty, restaurant which meals are prepared by professional cook with fire lit to the heart or from a cafe whose barista is friendly and serves with a smile?

Then why choose fast fashion over slow fashion? The more you promote positivity the more likely it will become standard, making things almost effortless to become sustainable and eco-friendly. By choosing slow fashion you already eliminate one major destructive behavior. By wearing slow fashion, you are wearing change. The difference starts with you.

The Difference Starts with you

Yes , you. No matter how much the companies and corporations seems to be running the modern industries the true power is within the consumers. Without consumers a business cannot exist.  The more the consumers turn to eco-friendly consuming  the more it will be available for everyone. It may not be fast to grab your favorite meal or type of clothing without sacrificing the environment but by starting now with slow fashion you will change the future impact for everyone. The future generation will then impact the world possitively.

Start with slow fashion, for a positive and easy life for you and everyone around you.

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