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Why are we going to PAUSE

​Nowadays a lot of us seem to race against time, we might be swiping our phones left and right, scowling up and down while aimlessly trying to climb the corporate ladder, we feel a sense of urgency to not fall behind. ​But in the process of all these chasing and running,  what would remind us to stop, and not loose touch with our peaceful state of mind?

​We can not afford to sacrifice the soft spoken inner whisper by our bodies, and let the loud, and often brain-washed rants of our noisy minds. 

​​Are you guilty of ignoring your feelings and intuitions....or block them out? Because if you do that, it is likely to be amputating a part of our being. When this "disconnection" happens, we loose the true chances of REAL JOY. 

​That is why we need to STOP and PAUSE.​

​We are going to "Pause" in Amsterdam!​ It is a slow fashion event in Netherlands: A pop up store as well as avant-garde performances.

​It will be held in the historical an old cathedral in the center of Amsterdam from the 19th of October, and goes on for three days.

We really like their motto "to slow down to hurry up":

​"Through art, our aim is to create a space that allows us to rethink our (fashion) choices and the way we present ourselves to the world, and ultimately to inspire others to reconnect with their personal consciousness. P A U S E is an invitation to take a moment and rethink our values and our consumer behavior."

​We are wondering how the modern dancers will energize the air in the cathedral, omitting an aura to remind each human being to live in each cell of their body.

And how the musicians will try to awaken some hidden, forgotten sentiment we might have towards our childhood sensitive feelings for the love of nature and animals.

​Softness of silk, cotton and cashmere, taking each garment off the rack and imagining how you'd look and feel in an ethically sourced high quality garment.

​From Chiang Mai's temple to a Cathedral in Amsterdam, maybe the monk's job of remind people to look inward for the answer has a creative turn and the sensitive souls of artist and designers are picking up their profound vows....

​The two designers from Elpis Design Studio will hope to attend the event next year. And of course, everything they do is super in line with the life choices of the local Thai people​. May it be the "Sabai Sabai" spirit which is to be laid back and relaxed. Or a sense of well-being by being in our whole body, whilst living in the moment.

You will find our EcoLeather wallet, clutch and tote bags in the show, plus the Jedi-knight inspired Green Tunic Robe, which we feel would empower and comfort a enlightened creative soul.

​​The rain stopped outside,  a lovely Ylang Ylang flower that is dampened by the rain drops omits fresh sweet fragrance into the office. Our new backpack mock up is being made, ​we do hope that you'll like our new collections. 

​This is the first eco fashion event we have decided to join, and we certainly hope the two lovely founders of Pause Pop UP to all the success and can't wait to see how our items are received by the crowd of Amsterdam!


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